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The mission of We Are FREE is to Free All Persons Trapped by Trafficking in Forced Labor or Prostitution by Proclaiming Liberty, Providing a Refuge, Healing the Brokenhearted, Raising up the Desolate and Replacing Shame with Honor.
Currently, We Are FREE is raising funds to provide services to construct a faith-based after care facility. This facility, Hebron Hills, will be a comprehensive care facility that will provide long-term temporary housing while addressing all physical, psychological and spiritual needs. The facility will also provide educational requirements and vocational training. Their goal is to identify the specific needs of each resident and meet those needs while at the same time cultivating all that is unique about his or her Godly design so that he or she is able to achieve their own goals.
Please visit their website for additional information and see how you can help.  

1st Choice Pregnancy Resource Center of Hope

First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) has always aimed to provide emotional, spiritual and practical support to women and teens with unplanned pregnancies.
The PRC of Hope hosts weekly educational classes that vary from prenatal to parenting and everything in between.  Their facility  offers spiritual counseling as well as basic mommy & baby needs.
Please see the website below to learn more!

Hope in Action

The mission of the Hope in Action food pantry is to provide food for those at risk of hunger as well as to provide advocacy and viable solutions to hunger and homelessness in Hempstead County and southwest Arkansas. Hope in Action aims to provide (1) a food pantry (2) emergency shelter housing for Hempstead County, in southwest Arkansas and (3) transitional housing and (4) supportive housing for women and children.
Presently, Hope in Action accepts food, clothing, hygiene, and monetary donations daily. Their need is ever growing and all donations are greatly appreciated.
Please see their facebook page link below for further details!
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