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  • lifegroup graphicLifeGroups are small groups of people that meet in homes on Sunday afternoons or evenings to help one another apply God's word to their lives.  It is a place for bearing one another's burdens, prayer and encouragement.  There are nine LifeGroups in the Hope area, and one in Arkadelphia.  We would love to get you plugged into one this weekend.

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    • Are You Poor or Po? - September 17th, 2013
      You have probably heard people say, “When I was growing up we weren’t poor…we were po!” By the way, these are also the same people who had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to school. But the difference between poor and “po” is actua...
    • It's the Machine's Fault - September 16th, 2013
      Our oldest son is playing fall baseball this month. As usual, the real entertainment is watching some of the parents we come across. We are in a pitching machine league, and you wouldn’t believe how many all-star baseball players are out there only ...
    • What Brand of Preaching Do You Use - August 16th, 2012
      By Clif Johnson A “brand” is a name, symbol, or a design that sets a company apart from competitors, and can be useful in communicating values important to the company.  Likewise, different “brands” exist regarding preaching methods, with each...